Sunday, October 27, 2013

More about Bubblews

Bubblews is an insteresting site. I have been writing articles on it since March 2013. You can write about anything you want and you just need to follow the rules in order to get paid. The posts need to have at least 400 characters or more. It's also better to use your own photos when writing your articles on the site. No copying is allowed and you cannot use links in the comments sections under the posts. When you write on bubblews try to make your articles interesting with good spelling. That way others would want to read it. Once you are done writing your articles you can send them to Facebook,Twitter,Digg,Pinterest,Delicious, and to many other social sites.

Listed below are some of the recent articles I have written on Bubblews. Enjoy! ♥

Deaf Lady Tells You About Her Life

My Book Of Dreams

He Left Me

The Pyramid In The Basement

Feeling Broken


  1. I remember you talking about Bubblews before, and it's good to know that when sites claim to make payments that they actual do do it. Well done for making a fast buck Susana.

    1. Yes, and I think it is amazing. They pay very well too. :)

  2. Happy Monday! Guess who just got nominated for The Sunshine Award? Yes - you! Now go relish in the afterglow!


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