Sunday, October 13, 2013

Closed Captioning Should Be Provided At Drive-Thru Restaurants For The Deaf

All my life I have used the drive-thru in places such as Burger King and Wendy's. There was not one time when I was ever able to understand word by word what was being said over the speaker. With my hearing aids, I can hear roughly about 65 percent with them. But I am unable to make out the words unless I lipread the person. It has been frustrating for me trying to make an order at places like this. Usually I would pull up to the speaker and tell them what I wanted to get. My order would show up on the screen on the window if the place provided those things. But I never understood what their response was to my order. I would try to tell them I was hearing impaired and to speak louder and clearly. Sometimes the person would speak louder but the words sounded broken up. I could not make out their words at all over a speaker.

This has been a frustrating experience for me for the past 40 years. Usually I would tell them I am going to pull up to the window and they would say something back. I never understood what they said after I said I needed to pull up to the window to put in my order. This is totally unfair to the deaf customers. The world needs to start thinking about providing closed captioning monitors at the drive-thru's for the deaf and for the elderly that are losing their hearing. Deaf people also want to know what is being said to them over the speakers. When is this going to change? I have put up with this nonsense all my life and I feel the world is being ignorant to the needs of deaf people at drive-thru restaurants. Please start providing closed captioning screens for us. We would appreciate it.

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