Sunday, June 5, 2016

Security Guard Sleeps Away In Mall

Two weeks ago I decided to go shopping with my hearing dog.   I have him because I am deaf and he assists me to sounds I can't hear.  We went in through Rocky's Big City Games & Sports Bar at the Eastern Hills Mall.   First thing I noticed was there was a Security Guard sleeping in a chair.   There was people there but nobody was doing anything about it.

We went into a few stores with no issues.   Then all of a sudden one of the ladies denied my service dog in one of them.  I decided to find a Security Guard to ask if the lady had any rights doing that.   By law service animals are allowed in public places.  But I thought it would be best to let someone else handle it there.

So I went back into Rocky's to get help.  Except the same Security Guard was fast assleep in the chair.  She has been sleeping over an hour.   So I went to find the Security Guard's office at the end of the Food Court Area.    There was nobody at that desk.   There was a number in there for us to call in case we need to get ahold of one.  But being hearing impaired I'm unable to hear on a regular phone.   And there was no number for texting one.

So after that I went to the center of the mall and I saw a woman in a uniform with a walkie talkie. So I thought that's it, let me ask her a question.  So I tried walking up to her with my dog and she ran the other way in a hurry.   Feeling disappointed from failure from finding someone to help I stopped at the Customer Service Counter.  There I made a complaint about the Security Guard that has slept over an hour at Rocky's.   Then I also told them there was noone in the main office.

So the lady there tried making some calls.  Even she was unable to get in contact of any security guard for me.   I waited for 25 minutes there as she kept trying to call one over.  With no luck, I told her thank you but to just let it go.  She said she would report it to the manager.  It wasn't worth wasting my time on this so I left.

I sure hope I never have to go through something like this again.

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