Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doctor's Office Is Lacking Deaf Services

For years I have been going to the same exact doctor's office for check ups. This is over at the Highgate Medical Group office.  Why I stay there is because they have done a good job.  It's in a convenient location and the wait is never long.  Not having to drive far when I need to go is a big plus for me.

Besides all that they gave me no issues with my bringing my hearing dog to my appointments.  I have him because I am deaf.  And he helps to notify me of sounds I can't hear.  So that means a lot to me as well.  But there is one big problem at this place.

And that is they don't have any email service for their deaf customers.  Neither can they text me of my future appointments.   All they can do is call me on a phone to communicate with me.  But that does me no good because of my hearing loss.   And sometimes they leave messages on my voice mail.

And that isn't good either because I can't always understand those messages.  But due to having CaptionCall it takes care of  some of these issues.   I would suggest that my doctor's office set up a service to use for contacting their deaf customers like me.

That is set up an email service.  And allow them to text their deaf customers.  And do whatever else to communicate properly with those who can't hear.  This is only fair for the deaf.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Douglas My Hearing Dog Is Doing Well

Douglas my hearing dog is doing just fine.  He still goes to work with me everyday and wears his orange vest there.  When my alarm clock goes off in the morning he wakes me up on time.  Being deaf is not easy and having this dog in my life sure helps. 

He loves to sleep on blankets or on pillows.  So I make sure I have plenty of those out for him.   I received him from the International Hearing Dog Inc. about two years ago.   A trainer from I.H.D.I. flew Douglas out here to N.Y. on a plane.  Then he helped teach me how to train him.

We worked on having the dog notify me of a number of sounds in my home.  And that went well.  Whenever I go shopping he goes in the stores with me.  Anyway I have to get back to the kitchen and finish cooking my dinner.  

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Importance Of Singing To A Deaf Baby

It is needless to say about the importance of singing and talking to a baby. A little fellow cannot talk as of yet to be able to respond.  But just like “responding” to the facial expressions of parents, give a smile back or laugh at parents making funny faces, they are able to determine singing as another way of “talk”, conveying peace, warmness, positiveness, niceness. This is a therapy of sorts. This is why it is easy to put babies to sleep by singing them a song together with rocking and distracting with toys.
It is impossible to teach a baby sign language due to its tender age but while singing to a baby, we convey positive emotions; then again, we smile and/or make funny faces.  In addition, you do not stand still but accompany your singing with gestures entertaining the baby. It does not mean that parents should give up on sign language so far and wait until their baby grows older. Parents should keep going and teach their deaf baby just like a baby with hearing.
There is a hypothesis, that singing is the first lesson of language you give to your child. It will be too much to put headphones on a baby. It may cause damage to the ear membrane. Singing is the best way to introduce your baby to the music. When singing you regulate the volume of your voice.  And you will sing good melodies only.  So that will have a good effect and give positive vibes only on your baby. Moreover, it does not matter if you think you have no voice. Your baby will definitely like it because you are the closest person.
Start singing when you carry your baby in your tummy. Speaking of which, this is probably why they say that babies love the voice of a mother first. This is the first thing they recognize. When they do not hear, they feel it on the unconscious level. Of course, you could record the music for your baby you could sing instead but keep in mind that there is no recorder able to show emotions while playing like your face would.
 It is an interaction, which you share with your baby. Therefore, do not put it on a technical device “shoulders”. Just make sure you sit or stand somewhere in front of your baby just so it could see you, observe your mimic and gestures and both of you will benefit from it enjoying your moments together. They are priceless no matter what.

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