Deaf Lady Gets Lost On Thruway over Thanksgiving

        I couldn't wait to stop at my old friends house for a big Thanksgiving Dinner, out in PA.   I was so hungry.    So me and my daughter left early in the morning and I let her drive so I could catch up on some sleep.   I figured my daughter knew where she was going, so I took a nap.  My daughter got her license last year, so she still needs to be guided when we go on trips, since she doesn't know her way around out of state.   Then I woke up two hours later, and she asked me if she should take the next exit and go that way.     We were supposed to stay on the thruway all the way to PA but I misunderstood her and I thought she said she had to stop at the next exit to use the restroom, so I said yes and went back to sleep.  She had the radio at full blast playing her hip hop music, and she hates it when I turn it off, so I just left it at that. And she speaks very low, so I do my best to understand her, but even that isn't good enough.    After dozing off for another 45 minutes I woke up and I didn't see the thruway, I had no clue where we were.    And I had no idea how we ended up out in the mountains, I could see view from my window.  I didn't know what happened except that she said I told her she was going the right way when she asked me earlier.      I don't even remember that, i must of misunderstood her both times.    So I asked her to pull over at Burger King up the road.      The girl at the drive through window, gave me a really weird look, probably because I didn't order any french fries.   Anyway I asked her how to get back onto the thruway.       I told her to speak up, because I have a hearing problem.    Well, I had to ask her twice and she still didn't speak loud enough for me, so I gave up.    And there was no one else around, the place was empty.    It sounded like she said to make a left at the first light and to take exit 5.     It wasn't till we ended up out in Michigan somewhere that I realized she told me to make a right at the first light when I reviewed the map.   It should of taken us only 3 hours to get to my friends for dinner.   Finally had to ask my daughter to go ask for directions me since I am hearing them all wrong, and wasting all this gas getting lost, and she was getting tired of driving to nowhere.       We finally made it to PA about 5 hours later, but we were 6 hours late for our dinner.      It was nice they kept it warm for us, at least we got to eat the turkey that night.


  1. So funny! That's my kind of driving! I've fallen down the rabbit hole so many times! It's kind of fun in a loopy way. Just one suggestion; if you find yourself at a border crossing, don't offer the border patrol guys any cookies with powdered sugar. They don't like that.

  2. Okay, thanks for informing me, lol.


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