Sunday, November 10, 2013

The McDonald's Drive-Thru Provides Assistance For The Deaf

Sometimes when I am on the road and feeling hungry, I like to stop at a drive-thru restaurant. When it is cold outside, I'd prefer to order from my car than to go inside. In the past I've had some very unpleasant experiences at drive-thru restaurants. So I have tried to avoid them as much as possible.

One time I went to a MacDonald's many years ago and I couldn't understand what they said over the speaker. At the time I had no idea you could just pull up to the window and order if you couldn't hear them due to a sticker on their screen. It says that if you have a hearing or speech problem you should drive up to the window and order from there. For some reason I have never noticed or seen these stickers before on the menu at the McDonald's drive-thru restaurants.

One time when I put in an order I couldn't hear them and I had no idea if they understood me. When I pulled up to the window they gave me the wrong order. I wasn't happy because I waited a long time for it. Also I was feeling very uncomfortable putting in an order at the drive-thru because I had no idea what they said. Really they should start providing closed captioning screens and caption everything being said over the speakers. This would help the deaf people a lot and also the elderly who are losing their hearing.


  1. Susanna, are you saying that McDonalds do have stickers on the windows now or was this just in the past? If they don't, then why not ask the manager in to put a sticker or some sort of notice at the beginning of the drive-thru's so people in your position know how to order properly at the window?

  2. That was excellent advice. I just noticed it yesterday but it was an old sticker. Since they are so tiny and pasted at the very bottom of the screens I must of never noticed it before. They are hard to see unless you look really carefully. I don't know if they put these stickers on for years,or if it just started. They put it where you can't see them very well. They should provide a sign in the beginning of the drive-thru's so people can see them. You are absolutely right.


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