Sunday, November 22, 2015

Douglas My Hearing Dog Is Doing Well

Douglas my hearing dog is doing just fine.  He still goes to work with me everyday and wears his orange vest there.  When my alarm clock goes off in the morning he wakes me up on time.  Being deaf is not easy and having this dog in my life sure helps. 

He loves to sleep on blankets or on pillows.  So I make sure I have plenty of those out for him.   I received him from the International Hearing Dog Inc. about two years ago.   A trainer from I.H.D.I. flew Douglas out here to N.Y. on a plane.  Then he helped teach me how to train him.

We worked on having the dog notify me of a number of sounds in my home.  And that went well.  Whenever I go shopping he goes in the stores with me.  Anyway I have to get back to the kitchen and finish cooking my dinner.