Friday, July 22, 2016

Communication Needs Not Met At Doctor's Offices

This year I had to go to a well known dermatologist for testing.  After my first appointment I kindly asked the nurse to email or text me the results.  Sorry she said, but they do not provide those kind of services.  So I replied to her how do you notify your deaf patients of their future appointments?

Instead of giving me an answer she asked if I had someone they  could call for me.  After that I suggested that they either email or text me the information.  We do not provide either one of those services she said blankly.  Feeling discouraged I told her to just leave a message on my voicemail.

Since I have a closed captioning phone it can caption my messages in there.  It's got to be difficult for some deaf people dealing with these issues.  It seems like we are still living in the old days.  Nothing much as changed at doctor's offices that I go to when it comes to communication needs.

I would recommend all doctor offices to provide email service and texting for their deaf patients.  It would make the world a much easier place to be.