Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Buffalo Metro Rail Has Made Some Things Better For the Deaf Riders

I was very pleased to see some improvements made for the deaf riders. Now the ticket inspectors walk in front of the passengers instead of from behind when asking to see our tickets. This makes things much easier for the passengers who can't hear. The cops used to walk from behind me asking to see my ticket in the past few years on the metro rail. This made things difficult for me because I could never hear them since I am deaf. I asked the staff at the NFTA meeting I attended a while ago to please make some changes. And they did. Read more about this on bubblews at: Buffalo Metro Rail Made Improvements.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Virgin Mobile Lacks Proper Services For Deaf Customers

I have used the Virgin Mobile cell phone for the past couple of years. The reason is because it is cheap and I can get unlimited web and texting with the price of 35 dollars a month. It is affordable. As you can see I dropped my phone and the screen cracked, but it still works. That's another thing I like about this brand. I'm clumsy and I happened to have dropped this phone a number of times. But it keeps on working. It has a lot of features that I can use. Also it has blue tooth so I can use it with my Phonak iCom to hear on it which is very convenient for me. But there is one big problem with the Virgin Mobile company.

Several times I had to repeatedly make phone calls to Virgin Mobile for several problems I had with the phone. I could not understand one word they were saying to me. They always have someone with an accent answer the phone. Tonight I had to call them again about a problem and I told the lady I was deaf and I didn't understand a word she said. Then I asked if she could put someone else on the phone. She said no. When I asked her to speak louder, she did not speak up, even though I asked her three times to do that. I was using my CaptionCall phone and the operator did not type out what the lady was saying because even the operator couldn't understand them. So I was not able to get anything closed captioned due to them not speaking clearly for me.

This bothered me, because I use the Virgin Mobile phone but the customer service dept refuses to communicate with me in a way for me to understand them. I have put up with their ignorance of communicating properly for deaf people for the past four years. This happened every time I tried to call them. I would say I'm deaf, speak up, or put someone else on that speaks clearly for me. I needed that so I could read what they said on my closed captioned phone. They would never put anyone else on and I would be stuck with someone with an accent who didn't make any sense when they spoke. Is there anything that can be done about this? This is pretty annoying for deaf people to deal with when they can't get any help at this point.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Old Clock

Many years ago, I was wishing I had saved a few things from when I was a little girl. But I didn't save anything except for one thing. Then my mother surprised me by giving me an old book she saved for me when I was 7 years old. It was one of my favorite books and I really cherished those memories of that book. I am going to keep it in a safe place, as it means a lot to me to have. You might want to read an article I wrote about a clock I am saving for my daughter on Bubblews. Just click on the link below and that will take you to the article.

The Hello Kitty Clock

Friday, July 12, 2013

I Love To Exercise

I've written an article on Bubblews about jogging. Now that it is summertime, I really like to take advantage of the nice weather and to do things outdoors. Lately I have been doing a lot of jogging because it is good for you. Feel free to read my articles on Bubblews about that by clicking on the links below.

Run Now, Not Later

Get Off the Computer and Run!