Sunday, November 17, 2013

Arby's Drive-Thru Doesn't Provide Any Assistance For Deaf People

Today I decided to stop at Arby's after church to get a roast beef sandwich. When I pulled up to the screen with the menu on it, I didn't see any sticker or sign directing deaf people where to put in their orders. Therefore I was very disappointed. I have been deaf all my life for 49 years and some of the drive-thru restaurants still don't meet deaf people's communication needs. It doesn't look like anybody out there is doing anything to change this.

Number one I would recommend that Arby's put up a sign or a sticker directing those with speech and hearing difficulties where to go. They certainly won't feel comfortable ordering from a speaker when they can't hear or speak well. It is unfair for some people have to go inside to put in their order when they could do it outside from their car. So please make things fair for everyone. Consider putting up touch screens for all your customers. For now I would advise Arby's to put up a sticker like what McDonald's has giving assistance for those with speech and hearing difficulties. That shouldn't be hard to do, nor it shouldn't be expensive.

For your information I received a letter from the VP of Arby's. He is going to see what they can do to make a better experience for all their guests as a result from reading my article below.

Arby's Drive-Thru Needs Assistance For Deaf People

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