Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doctor's Office Is Lacking Deaf Services

For years I have been going to the same exact doctor's office for check ups. This is over at the Highgate Medical Group office.  Why I stay there is because they have done a good job.  It's in a convenient location and the wait is never long.  Not having to drive far when I need to go is a big plus for me.

Besides all that they gave me no issues with my bringing my hearing dog to my appointments.  I have him because I am deaf.  And he helps to notify me of sounds I can't hear.  So that means a lot to me as well.  But there is one big problem at this place.

And that is they don't have any email service for their deaf customers.  Neither can they text me of my future appointments.   All they can do is call me on a phone to communicate with me.  But that does me no good because of my hearing loss.   And sometimes they leave messages on my voice mail.

And that isn't good either because I can't always understand those messages.  But due to having CaptionCall it takes care of  some of these issues.   I would suggest that my doctor's office set up a service to use for contacting their deaf customers like me.

That is set up an email service.  And allow them to text their deaf customers.  And do whatever else to communicate properly with those who can't hear.  This is only fair for the deaf.

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