Monday, December 25, 2017

Delta Airlines: Inconsiderate Flight Attendant


On Christmas I was taking a flight home from Detroit.   They put me on one of those new planes with the Captioning Screens.  It was one of those rare moments that I experienced great joy for getting that.  Out of the 45 years I have flown on planes, this is the first time I have ever seen the safety demonstrations closed captioned.

This is something I could of really used in the past.  But that was never given to me.  It really does relieve a lot of stress for not having to understand what was being said over the microphone.  When I checked in the airport, I signed up for special assistance since I have a hearing problem.   It clearly said that on my boarding pass.

And when I stepped onto the plane, I even reminded one of the flight attendants about it.   But my needs got ignored for the hundredth time on Delta Airlines.  On board was Douglas my hearing dog with me.   So far my flight was amazing since I was able to watch the safety demonstrations in close captioning in front of me. 

 And it was one of the newer more attractive and bigger planes.  Even the overhead compartment had a ton of space for the luggage.  And the other two seats next to me were empty.  So it was nice to have more space to myself.  One of the complaints though was they didn't serve us any drinks or snacks during the flight and I got thirsty.   But they served drinks to the first class customers up front. 

 Anyway my Hearing dog first sat on the floor, then he jumped on the empty seat and fell assleep. What matters was he was very well behaved and was being very quiet.   But an ignorant flight attendant came over to me when the lights were off and started talking. 

Immediately I told her I was deaf thinking she would communicate in a way I could understand.   She was impossible to lipread.   She ignored what I said and started going off again and pointing at my service dog.   I had no idea what her problem was and again for the second and third time I reminded her I was deaf.

So why couldn't she write down what she was saying?   Or at least use a little sign language?  I thought I signed up for special assistance.  But nope it doesn't matter, they don't pay attention to  that. So after that the joy of my flight was ruined by that woman.   I got up and went to use the restroom and she gave me a dirty look when I passed her.

Before I opened the door that same woman started going off with her mouth again on me. For the fourth time I told her I was deaf. I couldn't hear a word she said.  Then she looked at me like I was the rude one.  As I was leaving the restroom, the other flight attendant next to her barged into there and pushed the door in on me.  

 I couldn't believe it as she knew I was in there when I walked by her.  That was when I've had it and a complaint should be made.  Just because I'm deaf it doesn't mean they had any rights to mistreat me or my hearing dog.  That woman made no effort to communicate with me the proper way to where I could understand her.