Friday, September 26, 2014

Discounts On Service Dogs Were Unheard Of At Petco

My dog trainer told me I could get discounts for my service dog, Douglas. When I went to Petco they gave it to me several times. But usually I would have to explain to them why as they don't known much about this. When I went there today, a different manager told me they don't offer any discounts for service dogs. Therefore she felt my hearing dog didn't deserve one. Read the rest of this story below at:


Friday, September 5, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Douglas Goes With Me On Vacation

Good afternoon everyone. My summer has been going great. Just recently I took my hearing dog Douglas to Ohio with me. We went out to eat at some restaurants and he came with us. While he was there, he was quiet and behaved pretty good. He never barked in the restaurants. Now he responds automatically to the doorbell, phone, alarm clock and smoke alarm. When I’m not wearing my hearing aids I can’t hear a thing. So it is very helpful that he is here to notify me of those sounds.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Articles About My Hearing Dog

As you know I haven't been here for a while. Things are going well, and I have been very busy. Of course I continued to write more about life with my hearing dog. So far things are going well, and he's a great dog to have. Douglas is very sweet and lovable. right now I'm still in the second month of training him. So far he is doing well at notifying me of some sounds I can't hear at home. You can learn more about him in my articles below.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Hearing Dog Just Arrived

I was accepted to get a hearing dog from the International Hearing Dog Inc.a while ago. Finally the trainer, Robert Cooley from there flew Douglas down from Colorado. He is in town for a few days to teach me how to train the dog. Today we worked on training Douglas to alert me to the sounds of the doorbell ringing, knocking and a smoke detector beeping. This dog is very sweet and lovable. I am very excited to finally have a hearing dog in my life. It hasn't been easier being deaf. He will help to make my life better.

You can read all about this at:

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Going To Meet Douglas

I had signed up for a hearing dog through the International Hearing Dog Inc. Since I can't hear things with my hearing aids off, it would help to notify me of things that make noises. It's a big help when I am home alone. If the smoke alarm goes off, phone rings, doorbell rings, and so on, the dog will notify me of those sounds. After I filled out the applications, I was approved to get a dog. The agency put me on a waiting list.

Last week, I received a picture of a dog they thought would be good for me. He looked absolutely adorable. And of course, I told them that's the dog I want. The hearing dog agency sent me a list of things I have to get before the dog arrives. So now I looking forward to meeting Douglas. I can't wait. It will be a big change to have a hearing dog in my life.

You can read more about this at: Can't Wait To See Douglas

Saturday, February 8, 2014

ASL Group At Spot Coffee In February

Tonight was the second time I attended the ASL group at Spot Coffee. This time I was looking forward to going. I have only been there once before, as I just learned about it on facebook. It is for people that know how to speak in sign language or that want to learn more of it. It doesn't matter if you are deaf or hearing.

The only deaf people that was there this time was the other two guys and me. Hopefully more deaf people will show up in the next few weeks at this event. It's a good thing a lot of hearing people want to learn sign language. It impresses me they care to know how to communicate with those that can't hear. I enjoyed meeting new people tonight and I am going back on February 22nd. The group is meeting every two weeks for now at the coffee shop at 7pm.

My sign language skills are improving. Long time ago I knew how to sign very well. That's because I went to N.T.I.D. in the past. Over the years I have forgotten how to speak fluently in sign language. Now it's all coming back to me and I'm catching up. Sooner or later I'll remember how to sign most of the words that I have forgotten. This is a good social even to go to.

ASL Buffalo Social Group Event

Sunday, January 19, 2014

ASL Buffalo Social Hour At Spot Coffee

It's been over 26 years since I've had a chance to socialized with other deaf people. When I went to college at N.T.I.D. many years ago, I was around deaf students every single day for nearly 8 years. Therefore my signing skills had gotten pretty good and I used to sign pretty fast. When I was in college, I became one of the leaders on the Workshops On Deafness: You can read about it here at: I Was A Leader At The Workshop ON Deafness. There I even taught some sign language to others.

But all this was happened a long time ago. Back then I felt like I was a part of the deaf community. I was involved in a lot of activities with them. Ever since I graduated from college in 1988, I was thrown back into the hearing world. It's been over 25 years since I've had a chance to socialize with other deaf people. Occasionally I'd get a chance to talk to some deaf individuals once in a great while. But it wasn't very often. Then a few months ago, I joined a page on facebook called ASL Buffalo. It's a page for hearing and deaf signers that are interested in joining public deaf events in Buffalo,N.Y.

Later on facebook I got invited to: ASL Buffalo Social Hour@ Spot Coffee. I had no idea what the event was about or the purpose of it. So I forgot about it for some time. Later on, I went back to the page to read more about it. How could I put it off? Seriously, I am deaf and I really did need to socialize with others that knew sign language. It's been missing in my life for 26 years. Since I was raising my daughter as a single parent for 17 years, I didn't have a lot of time on my hands. But now she is in college and I have more free time. So finally I got in my car last night and headed to the Spot Coffee place at 765 Elmwood Ave in Buffalo, and parked in my car. Feeling shy and not knowing a single person in there, I went inside.

After meeting some hearing and deaf signers in there, I had the best time ever. Of course my sign language was weak because I have not signed much in over 25 years. But they were very understanding and very patient with me. There will be another event on February 8th at 7pm at the same place. You can learn more about it here by clicking on the link: ASL Buffalo Social Hour. It doesn't matter if you are deaf or hearing as long as you want to communicate in sign language. Then it's all good.

Learn more about my night out at Spot Coffee on Bubblews: ASL Buffalo Social Hour

If you want to join this event, then make sure to check out the dates and time on ASL Buffalo on facebook.

Or you can contact me on facebook on Deaf Talks
and I'll guide you to the right place.

In the picture, I am the girl in the back standing between the two deaf guys.
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