Saturday, April 29, 2017

Read The Vest First Before Asking

In the past year I have taken my hearing dog into airports, malls, restaurants and to many more places.    Rarely I was ever questioned on what he was doing inside a public place.   Most people are aware that he is a service animal by looking at that orange vest that he wears.

Because I was born deaf, this hearing dog helps to notify me of sounds I can't hear around my home.   He was trained to do that from trainers at I.H.D.I. in Colorado.   He goes to work with me everyday. So people are getting used to seeing him wherever I go.

Last weekend I decided to go shopping at J.C.Penny's at the Eastern Hills Mall.   An old sales lady followed me like a security guard around the store.   When I turned around she was right behind me and scared me.   Before I knew it she was asking me if he was a service animal.   Then she looked at his vest and I said yes and she went away.

If she had a problem with this dog being in the store she should of just read his vest and moved on.   Nobody else has questioned me about this dog being in a store in a year.  That is simply because they could read his vest.   She did have a right to ask that question, but it was unnecessary since he had his Hearing Dog vest on.  And it was rude.  Unless she couldn't read.

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