Friday, June 28, 2013

Deaf Lady Visits Central Park, NYC

You can read all about my visit at Central Park on bubblews by clicking on the link at: Central Park.


  1. Seems like you had a really good time. I would love to go to NYC one day. I've always heard such nice things about it. I wasn't able to see any of the photos, but it's most probably my computer at fault.

    1. Sorry you can't see the photos as that is the best part of my articles. Yes, I had a good time. It reminded me of a lot of things I saw in the past. The only bad thing is everything is expensive in the city. So I would only recommend those to visit if they are ready to spend twice as more than they usually do. If someone wants to just walk around and not spend a dime, feel free to do so. A lot of the people here take cabs all over. My uncle had to pay over 7 dollars for a cab just to get us a mile from where we were. That was costly as well. It's a fun place to go. I enjoyed the City Rover walking tower the most.


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