Sunday, August 11, 2013

Driving Out In The Country For A Birthday Party

Today I took a long drive out in the country to go attend a birthday party at my cousins house. There were some kids there and they did not know I was deaf. When the little boy was talking to me, I told him that he needs to face me when he was talking. His grandmother who had known I was deaf for years helped him to understand a little more about my hearing loss. Another kid there at their house tried to ask me a question and I didn't hear him. So I had to tell a few people there about how to communicate with me so I can understand them. It was really nice to be out in the country for a change and I had a nice time there. You can read more about my trip out in the country on Bubblews by clicking on the links below. ♫

Took My Computer To My Cousins House

Visiting Cousins Out In The Country


  1. What a nice day...I live out in a country setting and I love it!

    1. That's nice you live out in the country. I'm glad you like it out there. :)


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