Monday, September 30, 2013

Deaf Lady Visits The Pumpkin Farm

Last weekend I went to check out the Pumpkin Farm in Clarence, N.Y. It's a fun place to take your kids too. Even adults can go there and have lots of fun too. There's plenty of rides to go on, lots to eat and all kinds of entertainments there. Last year I took my daughter to the magic show at this place. It was very good. One thing I really enjoyed was going on the horse drawn hayride. That surely was different. After I went on the tractor hayride which was so much fun. It rode us right through the woods on a path. And that was like an adventure.

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The Pumpkin Farm

Riding The Horse Drawn Hayride At Pumpkin Farm

The Lazy Camel At Pumpkin Farm

Halloween Is On It's way


  1. I can just imagine seeing the place covered in bright orange everywhere. That farm sounds like great fun with all the activities you mentioned there.

  2. Yes, there was so much to see and do at that place. :)

  3. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I am actually having cochlear implant surgery the day after.

    1. Good luck with your surgery. Just curious, right now are you able to hear at all? Or are you completely deaf? I would like to hear about how much you will be able to hear after the surgery.


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