Friday, May 17, 2013

I Have Been Deaf All My Life And Nobody Knows What That Was Really Like

The world is still lacking knowledge in how to communicate with deaf people like me. Daily I am noticing that people are not communicating with me properly so that I can understand them. More people need to go out there and to educate people everywhere on how to speak to those who can't hear. You can read my article about this on bubblews at:

It's Difficult To Fit In


  1. Just read your article on bubblews. I can just imagine how hard and frustrating it must be at times Susana. Maybe you should try to organise a small group in your area to teach them the basics of signing, and then expand this by asking if you could actually go into schools once a week to teach them or even into local churches. Just a thought.

  2. Yes, it still is difficult for me day after day trying to communicate with others. Even though I speak very well and people can understand me, some fail to face me and to speak loud enough and clearly. Another problem is people assume that when I am looking right at them, that I should understand what they say word by word. That is not true, I cannot make out every single word when I am lipreading. It all depends how loud and clearly they are talking. Lipreading is pretty hard itself. Thanks for your thoughts. :)


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