Wednesday, January 1, 2014

KFC Drive-Thru Needs To Improve Communication For Deaf Customers

Last week I decided to stop at KFC to order dinner on my way to the car shop. Little did I know they haven't improved anything for their deaf customers. When I pulled up to the speaker, I couldn't understand a single word the girl said on it. So I tried to tell her to speak up and more clearly because I am hard of hearing. Well, she didn't speak any louder, and her voice still came through unclear. After not being able to pick up anything she said, I decided to put in my order anyway. After I told her what I wanted, she kept saying something else that I didn't understand. Once more I tried to tell her I was hearing impaired and that I didn't understand her. She continued to mumble, so I gave up and pulled up to the window.

When I asked her again what she said, she seemed very annoyed at having to constantly repeat herself. This was not fair to me, because I certainly cannot hear over a speaker with my hearing loss. As an employee she certainly wasn't very nice to me. After struggling to understand her, I asked her to tell the person in charge to put a sign at the front. That sign should tell the deaf customers it's okay to pull right up to the window to put in an order. But she really didn't seem to care about my ideas. I could tell she just wanted me gone by the look on her face. But I can't blame her because not many out there are educated on the best ways to communicate with the deaf. She did say she agreed with me about my idea in the end, and she was nice to me right before I left.

Believe me, KFC drive-thru places need to provide something like touch screens for deaf people to put in their orders. Speakers for deaf customers are out of the question. Or why not put up screens that caption everything being said over the speakers for those with hearing difficulties? Please do something KFC and make it a better world for your deaf customers.

KFC Problems For Deaf Customers

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