Sunday, January 12, 2014

Smoke Alarm For The Deaf

I was born deaf and my hearing aids help me to hear a lot of things. For years there was just a regular smoke alarm in the place where I have been living. If it would beep during the day when I had my hearing aids on, I would hear it. But when I am sleeping I can't hear anything when I take my hearing aids off. That causes a problem.

In the past my daughter has usually been here to alert me in case the smoke alarm went off. And that was very helpful to me though it rarely ever happened. I have been wearing my new hearing aids and they cannot pick up the beeping sounds from the smoke alarm. But when I put back on my old hearing aids I heard the beeping loud and clearly. Therefore I have to take my new hearing aids back to my audiologist to be reprogrammed on a machine.

My father ordered the Gentex photoelectric smoke alarm with a strobe light. He got it from the Spectronics Corporation. This is the link to the site-Spectronics. It works very well and it surely will wake me up when I'm sleeping if it goes off. It has a flashing light and it makes a beeping sound when you test it. You can read more about it on Bubblews at: Smoke Alarm For The Deaf.

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  1. I like the idea of a smoking alarm that also has flashing lights on it. Nobody wants to be caught out in a fire situation and it's usually the smoke that kills. There are just so many things to think about when you are deaf. Until I read this post, it wouldn't have crossed my mind.

    1. Yep, it will be really helpful for those who can't hear to see those lights flashing.

  2. I'm not deaf, but I want a smoke alarm like that in my house, mostly because of the strobe light, I like strobe lights (I have Asperger's Syndrome and flashing lights, including fire alarm lights and railroad crossing (or level crossing) lights on signals and on gate arms (barriers) interest and fascinate me. I even take pictutes of railroad crossings and fire alarms.)

    I know I don't need such a smoke alarm but I'd like one and I want to put it in my bedroom. I do want us to have a second smoke detector in our apartment and I think we need one, but the strobe light is just for cosmetic purposes.

    I mean fire alarms scare me, they almost always did in school and would still scare me to this day and for as long as I live, but they're also interesting, especially the strobe lighted ones. To me the lighted fire alarms add to the drama and excitement, although being in a fire is not fun, especially if you're there and your life is threatened, and not just your life, that of others and your lively-hood. Same with tornadoes, they're interesting to me too but I don't like everything they do.

    But I'm planning to get a smoke alarm with a strobe light, I just need to save 100 dollars or so in order to get one. It has to be in my room though, my mother doesn't like strobe lights, including the strobe light app I downloaded to my phone and use for fun. I also considered putting one in the kitchen because I cook on the stove and I've accidentally set off our sole smoke detector and my mother would get upset with me for that and knowing how she feels, I apologize to her for it. But if I had it in my kitchen, I was cooking, and there was smoke, which I wouldn't intentionally cause, the smoke detector in the kitchen would go off first and I'd see tge strobe light flashing on me. But then I would have to, and would, turn the stove down or off quickly, turn on the fan, open my apartment door, and then shut the alarm off to avoid a prolonged noise, disturbing my mother and neighbors any further, and to preserve as much battery life as possible. Also so my mother doesn't have to see the strobe light, I don't want her bothered but she will come into the kitchen.

    When I put it that way, maybe just having one strobe-lighted smoke alarm and just having it in my room is best so my mother won't see it and I will.

    I usually only test my smoke detector when I'm alone in the apartment, not when my mother is with me unless I warn her, and anyone else who's with me. It's more considerate that way and though it's supposed to happen, I wouldn't like a fire alarm or smoke alarm going off unexpectedly and without advance warning.


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