Saturday, March 2, 2013

Subtitle Glasses, Not For Me

Weird Looking Glasses
                                     Is this the best movie theaters can do is give us Subtitle Glasses?   Whoa, I'm not wearing these things.   One thing I'm fussy about is germs.   Do these glasses get shared?   I am not wearing glasses that other people have been wearing and touching.   If I ever have to use these I will be sure to bring a germ sanitizer, with tissues and wipe them off before they go on my face!     Are you telling me that if someone is sick with the flu, sneezing and coughing and wiping their germs on these things that you will pass them on to us and make us wear these?   That is totally rude of movie theaters to do this to the deaf people.  No thanks, I'd rather go rent a captioned dvd movie and watch it in my home safe from germs than to risk getting sick in your movie theater.                                 
    Did these strange glasses come from out of space?
  •                         Movie theaters have no idea what deaf people really want and need in the movies!   You movie theater owners can't fool me.   They did what was convenient for them, not for the deaf community!   Oh my god.   The more I think about this, the more annoyed I am getting about the subtitle glasses invention.   So now you movie theater people figured you got us deaf people off your back and that we will quit begging for closed captioning!   You're wrong I'm going to continue to request for closed captioning screens without those crappy glasses till the end until the deaf community get what they really need!  What the deaf needs is to have all movie theaters close caption all the movies up on the screen for all their shows!  We didn't ask for captioning on germy glasses that makes the captions too close up to our face!  Thanks a lot for this cheap invention.    After all these years you still did not give the deaf people what they asked for.   


  1. In one way, it's good that they are looking at options for the deaf but I can't imagine that such organizations would not have a way of making sure that these glasses were thoroughly cleaned before giving it to another person to use. It would be very unhygienic otherwise, and I'm sure they would get sued if someone was to get some infection.
    You should try it out just to see if it works or not, then give a review on it, as you are a deaf person, so people are more likely to listen to you.
    I'm also wondering if there is a big cost attached to hiring these glasses or do you have to buy them outright, because this would push up the price of going to the cinema..

  2. Yes, I'll try them out eventually. But I will be sure to wipe them off first thing, lol. That's an interesting question about the costs. I'll have to do some research on that.

  3. Thank your for sharing this post and good for you, I wouldn't want to share and reshare those glasses either.

    Congratulations on being nominated for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD over at Nina's blog. Nothing: The Inspirer!

  4. You're very welcome! And thank you for telling me about the blogger award, I did not know about that. :):)

    1. Wanted to keep the award a secret LOL. :D
      Congratulations Susana - I never miss a single post of yours!

      I felt the same out 3D glasses that they handed out for 3D movies. I would never use them :)

  5. Thanks for reading my posts. :) Those glasses look so big, I don't know how I could stand wearing them. I have a hard enough time wearing my own glasses let alone those strange alien glasses they have been bragging about.


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