Saturday, March 23, 2013

The World

Good evening everyone. In my past I have avoided attending certain social gatherings because I was afraid I wouldn't understand what was going on. Being deaf is not an easy thing, especially when the world is not very well educated on deafness.

Last week I decided to attend a Young Life Banquet. At first, I hesitated and wasn't sure if I should go. There would be a lot of people there, but none that are deaf like me. This was an important for the high school kids and my daughter was going. She has been in this program for a few years and she really likes it. So, I decided to give it a try.

When we got there there my daughter introduced me to some very nice people from her group. And they made me feel very welcomed at the banquet. So I took a seat in the huge fancy dining room right in the front by the stage. The food was pretty good there. This place was packed, and I could see why. Well I really enjoyed going to this special dinner. The event lasted for a few hours, but time flew by fast. I couldn't really understand everything that was being said by the people up on the stage. It was kind of hard to lip read everything. The good thing was I was able to lip read half of what was being said by the speaker. So I had a pretty good idea of what was going on there. I enjoyed it anyway and I am glad I went. Now I have a much better understand of what the Young Life group means to the high school kids. It's time for me to get out in the world more and to attend more events.


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  2. That's right Susana, go out and enjoy yourself. Get to know more of what is happening in society, educate others about what deafness means and enjoy it. Glad you went.

    1. Thanks Rum-Punch. I made an effort to tell everyone that I met to face me when they speak. Those new people I met were notified that I was deaf and a lip reader. They were all so nice to me about that there. So it was a very positive experience.


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