Saturday, November 16, 2013

All Drive-Thru Places Should Have Touch Screens For Everybody

Have you ever had difficulties ordering from a drive-thru? Do the words come out unclear and broken up through the speakers? Do the person understand or hear you when you talk into the speakers? Do you have to speak up for them to hear your order? Do they ever take your order wrong due not to hearing you right? This can be a major problem when ordering food at any drive-thru restaurant.

In order to solve this problem throughout the world, every drive-thru should consider installing touch screens to order from. This would solve the major problem in the deaf society when using a drive-thru. It would also help those with speech difficulties that can't talk through a speaker. Most deaf and hard of hearing people would really like to use a touch screen at the drive-thru's to make their orders. For now they either have to pull up to the window or go inside. This is very unfair to those with hearing difficulties. Please be fair to everyone in this world and treat us all equally.

I have been deaf for 49 years and not much has improved for me when it comes to ordering out at restaurants. Please to those who manage the drive-thru restaurants to consider installing touch screen menus. This would benefit everyone in the world, not just those with speech and hearing difficulties. Most people want this so why not put them in now and make everyone happier. The speakers at the drive-thru's are quite a nuisance. Please make the changes now for all of us. We want touch screens.

To the managers and owners of all drive-thru restaurants please take this into consideration. This includes Burger king, Arby's, Tim Horton's, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, Mighty Taco's, and all other drive thru's out there.

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  1. I love the idea of touch screen menu's Susana. That way, the waiter can't get the order wrong. Although I don't know the percentage of deaf people in any city, each restaurant won't need to purchase loads and loads of gadgets, they just need a few (depending on the size of the place) so the cost won't be high but it would solve the problem. Keep pushing Susana.

    1. I totally agree with you. I will keep at it, since not many people are doing anything about this problem.


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