Monday, November 11, 2013

Drive-Thru Restaurants Should Provide Touch Screens For The Deaf

It seems like nothing much changed in terms of providing assistance for the deaf at drive-thru restaurants. Yesterday I noticed one of them had a small sticker on the bottom of the ordering menu screen outside. You can barely see it unless you look at it closely. All it said was those who have speech or hearing difficulties should drive up to the window to put in an order.

For those who are completely deaf that can't speak I'm assuming they write everything down on a piece of paper and hand it over to the person at the window. As far as them signing, I don't think many people that work at these fast food restaurants know any sign language. I have been to many drive-thru restaurants and not one person used sign language for me when I told them I was deaf. It must be pretty difficult for deaf people that can't talk to order at a drive-thru window. Number one they can't hear over a speaker. Number two they can't speak very well therefore how do they know if the other person understands them? Number three this is unfair to the deaf customers. We all should be treated equally and not be put through a hassle as a customer when making an order.

I would advise that all drive-thru restaurants start putting up touch screen machines for everyone. That way when those with speech and hearing difficulties want to make an order they can do it easily. Many people with hearing problems avoid going to drive-thru restaurants knowing they will have a difficult time making an order. Most people that work at these restaurants have not been trained to communicate with deaf people in sign language. Not one of them has done that for me in 40 years.

So why not place some touch screens in front of each drive-thru restaurant for the deaf customers and for everyone else as well? That way you will get more orders and people will stop avoiding drive-thru restaurants due to speech and hearing problems. Please treat your deaf customers equally and not differently to others. It's only fair. What do you think?

You can read more about this below by clicking on the link.
Touch Screens At Drive-Thru Restaurants

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