Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Red the cat

When I used to live in an apartment I used to have this special cat named Red.     He would let me know if someone was at the door or if the phone was ringing if I happened to be asleep.    Whenever there was knocking on my door he would run to the door like a dog, look at it, then he would run back to me and tap me on the shoulder with his paw and it would wake me up.  Then when he saw my eyes open he would look at me, then run back to the door to show me someone was there knocking.  It was so cute.  He thought he was a dog.   I can't hear the knocking or the phone ringing when I am not wearing my hearing aids, so he was there to help.  I've never had a cat like that before, he really made it easier for me for a while, till I had to give him away .     He did the same thing if the phone rang, he would make sure I was up to answer it, by tapping me and running back and forth to the phone.     That is one cat I will never forget, I didn't even have to train him.


  1. Enjoyed reading your article. I've a dog in my house and he also behave in similar fashion whenever anyone knock our door. He even bite us slightly which i guess mean that he want us to open the door quickly.

    1. Thank you. That's cute that your dog does that. In most cases I would think a cat would go running and hiding when someone is knocking at the door.

  2. Wow, I can't believe a cat did this because normally it's the dogs that are trained in this area, so I guess you had a real special cat there. I know you said you didn't train this cat, but was it given to you because you were deaf or did it just do this naturally?
    Have you now got another pet to help you, or are your hearing aids good enough now?

  3. Actually, someone just gave away the cat to me back in the old days, Red must of had special talents, lol. It just did it on his own, running to the door whenever someone was knocking. Well I am a divorced, single mom raising a daughter, she usually answers the door or phone as soon as she hears it. She also runs much faster than me, so I can't beat her to the door, lol.

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  5. Did you train Red?
    My dog named Lovely does the same things which Red does.I too had a cat but it ran away to the outside world when it grew up,Wish I could have also trained it like you did.

  6. No, never trained him, he was an awfully smart cat. He even seemed worried about me when I didn't hear the door knocking, he would give me a concerned look on his face after he patted me on the shoulder when there was knocking, lol.


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