Thursday, November 22, 2012

Car Radio

          Even when people around me are aware I am deaf, I'm trying to describe deeper in depth what I can and can't hear, and it's hard to explain sometimes.    For example, if you turn on the radio in the car, and turn it up louder, people would assume I can hear it.     Yes, and no, I can tell it is louder, simply because I can feel the vibration coming the sounds of it, but the words are blurry, I will never understand words being said over a car radio, no matter how loud it is.   Even if the words are loud and clear, as if a speech was going on, I still would not make out what is being said.   With my hearing aids, it enables me to hear a lot of sounds, but I still cannot hear certain letters in words, etc.   This is why I rarely turn on my car radio, or even any kind of radio, does not work for me, and the same problem goes with music on it.    If it has a nice tone to it, I will  listen to it, but I will never understand the words in the song as it comes out like how static comes out in a radio, the words break up.  The only way I will be able to understand a song over a radio simply is if I already know the song.

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