Friday, November 23, 2012

Deaf Lady going out to eat

           Here I am going out to eat with my family at a Chinese restaurant.     We look at the menu and decide what to order.   It's a Friday night, so the place is crowded and especially noisy.   My daughter already knows what I am ordering, it's always the same exact thing every time we eat Chinese food.     The waitress is standing behind me asking me what I would like to drink, and of course I didn't hear her at all.      So my mom apologizes to her and explains that I have a hearing problem.     Then I turn around and ask her to repeat it.    Well she is speaking very low, so I have to ask someone else what she said.     Finally I ordered a Shirley temple after I finally understood what she was saying.       Then it was time to order our food.      She asked me what I would like to eat, and I said Pineapple chicken.      Then she repeated after me, oh you want seafood rice?   At that point I just assumed she said  Pineapple chicken because that's what I wanted, and I couldn't hear her in that place, so I just wanted it over with, I was hungry and I said yes.     Half hour passes by, I spill my Shirley temple all over the table  because someone walked into my chair.     So I ordered another one and boy I was embarrassed.     I don't like to be messy but sometimes it just happens.  Finally our food arrives.    I can't wait to eat that chicken.       She gives me the seafood rice.   I said what is this?  Where's my dinner?    She says that's what you ordered, and I said not I didn't order that!   And she apologizes and takes it back and I have to wait another half hour for my food.    :(


  1. Hello Susana.. so nice to see and read blogs from someone like you. Keep it up. You're a good blogger!

  2. What a nightmare that must have been for you. Half an hour to prepare food, wrong food order, drink spillage, etc. You've got the patience of a saint because I would have moved on to another place.

  3. Yes, I agree Rum-Punch, this sort of thing happens to me often, I'm so used to it. :)

  4. I am one the biggest fans of your blog. I follow all your posts regularly.Great Job.

    1. I really appreciate your wonderful feedback. It means a lot to me to know that someone is enjoying this blog. Thank you so much and I am very glad to hear this.


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