Monday, November 12, 2012

About Me

After I was born, the doctors told my parents I could hear. But I never turned around when they called my name. They couldn't get me to learn to speak. It wasn't till I was three years old, it was discovered I was deaf. Then I learned to speak after wearing hearing aids which helped me to hear. Growing up in school was a little hard for me as I didn't know what was being said in class or what was going on half of the time. I lipread to make out the words. Many times in class they would show educational programs on t.v. and there was no close captioning. Therefore I didn't understand a word being said on t.v. Thank god for closed captioning on t.v.s these days, it really helps me to understand everything going on in the show. I went to the South Brunswick High school in New Jersey. But I decided to join the M.K.S.D school for the deaf in Trenton, NJ to see what it would be like to be in a deaf high school, that's when I learned sign language in 11th grade. They said I was too advanced for the deaf school, so they let me skip 12th grade and go straight to college at N.T.I.D. I really liked going to a deaf school as it was a change for me and I got to associate with some deaf people and to communicate with signing. I graduated with two high school diplomas. One from M.K.S.D, the school for the deaf, and the other from the South Brunswick High school. While I was in college, I worked in the Workshops on Deafness and taught a little sign language which was fun. Then I graduated in 1988 with a degree in Office Technologies from N.T.I.D. After that I have been working at a really good full time job for over 23 years. Luckily I didn't have to pass any test for that one. I was hired back in 1988 because they were looking for someone to help interpret to the deaf customers what was being said to them. I really loved being able to use sign language to help the deaf understand what was going on.


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