Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Another Complaint Letter I sent to the Airport asking them to improve Services for the Deaf

*HOW CAN WE HELP? When I went to check in my bags at the airport, I couldn't understand anything the lady was saying at the front desk. I am deaf and I rely on lipreading but it was hard to do that in there. Maybe you could install a button for deaf passengers to press when they are there to inform the airport services they need special assistance. Or have a closed captioned board in front of them that will caption everything the lady is saying to them. They had closed captioning boards at the gates in Detroit, which was helpful. I was able to see when the plane was boarding and arriving. There were 3 closed captioned monitors at my gate. But it did not tell us when people at my seat were supposed to board the plane and that was another issue. In buffalo there wasn't any closed captioning boards at my gate, and that was bad news. I did not understand a single word the gate attendant was telling us over the microphone regarding our flights. My daughter had to tell me when it was time to board the plane, I had no other way of knowing. Therefore my experience at the airport as a deaf passenger was pretty lousy. I did not feel welcomed and I wasn't given any assistance that I needed to understand what was going on.

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