Saturday, December 29, 2012

They Should Provide these Services for the Deaf on Airplanes

When I flew on the airplane from Buffalo to Detroit by round trip over Christmas, there was absolutely nothing on it to help the deaf understand what was going on. As soon as I boarded the plane and sat down, they did their safety demonstration up front as usual with a microphone explaining the instructions. They had me sit in the back, I couldn't see anything, nor could I understand anything being said over the microphone. In the future, I believe every single plane should have closed captioning screens available for the deaf on board. If they can't afford to install these screens at every seat, well why not install one or two at certain seats and have the deaf passengers sit in those special seats? That way when they are announcing anything up front over the microphone, the words being said can be printed onto the t.v. screen for the deaf person to read at his seat. That goes for the safety rules instructions, it will show a video of the person doing his or her demonstration on the safety rules and it will put everything into closed captioning on the screen for the deaf person to read. They should also train every single flight attendant a few simple words in sign language when they are passing out the drinks and snacks. I could never understand what the flight attendant was saying to me when she was pushing the cart full of drinks with cheap tasteless snacks that looked like they were found in a trash can. If they could train them a few simples words such as, what would you like to drink? Or we have these snacks available, which one would you like? That would b wonderful. I have never met a single flight attendant on a plane in my whole life that knew sign language.

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