Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My experience in the Detroit Airport on Christmas

I was very impressed that there were overhead boards in the security area at the Buffalo airport that were closed captioned. There was more than one of them also and that was good. I have never seen that before. The bad thing was there was nothing closed captioned at my gate. Therefore it was a bad experience for me. When the man was announcing the flights about when our plane was boarding over the microphone, I understood nothing at all. The funny thing was in the Detroit airport, they had nothing in the security area for the deaf people. There were no closed captioning monitors or boards for us to read anything. But at the gates, they had three closed captioning boards for the deaf people to read from. And I was very impressed that it told the time our flights were arriving and leaving and it also told us the time our plane was boarding. It was so good that it got to the point of telling us which people get to board first from certain seats, but then it did not tell me when I can board the plane from my seat number. So there was a problem there. But it was all good, better than how it used to be when they had nothing to help the deaf in the airport. And I felt right at home in the Detroit airport at the gate. So thank you for putting up those closed captioning monitors for the deaf people!


  1. At least it seems some airports are doing something to help those that are hearing impaired.

  2. Yes, it's good they are putting in some effort. They really need to start providing services for deaf people throughout the whole airport. By now, they should of provided closed captioning boards at all the gates and at all the check out counters and at the security area where people get their things scanned. That hasn't happened yet as far as I have seen.


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