Friday, December 28, 2012

My 10 minute miracle at Burger King

So far I've had about 3 treatments at the Chiropractor's office. He told me after some time, I might be able to understand the words better when people are talking. Except that will happen with my hearing aids on, but I was hoping I would get some hearing back with them off, as I don't like wearing them. But I will be grateful for any kind of progress in my hearing if I can get any. So last week, I went to the Burger King drive-thru to order some Chicken sandwiches, the buy one get one free deal. I have never been able to understand a word being said through a drive thru speakers. Not once in my whole life has that ever happened. If I was in a hurry I would just go up to the drive-thru and tell them I can't hear them and pull up to the window and order from there. They never understood why I did that because I didn't tell them I was deaf. Well, I had a 10 minute miracle happen at Burger king. When I pulled up to the speaker, I went ahead and ordered the food. Then I was going to drive up to the window and lipread what she had to tell me about my order. Then the girl asked me what kind of drink I wanted and if I wanted anything else. And I stopped my car and slammed the brakes. My god, did I actually hear her? How can this be? Well I might as well talk to the speaker then. And I was shocked, I couldn't understand why or how, it was my first time. So I asked her what kind of soda she had, and she listed them and I understood her over the speakers, every single word. Then I told her I had a coupon for a free soda, and I heard her say okay, do you want anything else? Then I started having a conversation with her and kept thanking her because I couldn't believe I was understanding the words without lipreading. She sounded happy as well because I must of been a joyful customer. Then I pulled up to the window and she was all smiles. And I looked at her as if she was an angel because she was the first person I was able to hear over a speaker for the first time in my whole life. And I believe this was a miracle. But I am still deaf. At this period in my life, I am experiencing moments when I can actually hear people and the words , at 5 to 10 minute time periods. It comes and goes, most of the time I cannot hear or understand them. But with this chiropractic treatment I am experiencing being able to hear and understand people at unknown times and unknown moments and it is quite amazing.


  1. It's interesting that you don't like wearing hearing aids. Is it to appear normal or because they distort the sound?

    I stutter and was offered an appliance as a child that would cure it allegedly. I refused. I'm 'normal' until I speak. An appliance would make me visibly abnormal all the time.

    I wondered if your motivation was the same.


  2. Actually I feel more normal when I am wearing the hearing aids. Because without them, I can't hear anything and I feel like I'm in the dark. Then when I have them on, it feels more right, almost the same feeling as needing to turn up the radio so you can hear it. Wearing them constantly make my ears sore. I've had doctors prescribe some medicine and ointment for my ears, but that never helped relieve the pressure from the ear molds.


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