Friday, January 11, 2013

Attention Airports! Can you display your Services for the Deaf through Newspapers and Commercials on T.V. ?

Airports do have information about deaf services through their websites. Sometimes my computers are broken so how am I going to look it up? I didn't even know they had information in their websites about deaf services. I think the airports need to do more to let the public know how we can learn more about their services for the deaf by displaying them on t.v. and in the daily newspapers. I do watch a lot of t.v. so that's a good way for me to learn about them. Not everyone uses computers or can afford internet services in their homes. Even if they do have internet connection, some people can only afford one computer. And sometimes their computers break down where they can't use them to look up anything for periods of time. Some people don't know how to look things up online. Not because they can't do it, it's because they don't have any experience with computers. And they haven't learned how to do it yet. When we buy plane tickets, some people don't always think of looking up certain things online, for information. Can airports consider making weekly commercials on television describing the deaf services they have to offer? That way the deaf will be aware of your services and it will be out more in the open. Putting it on the news is okay, but they will probably only show it temporarily, and then how will we know about your services if it is not on the news anymore? Is it possible to make a deaf commercial telling the world about what services you have for the deaf people? And then to have it on t.v. about once a week, so that we can all learn about it? It would be great if the airports can publish an article in the daily papers about once a month about the deaf services. I read the Buffalo paper everyday. So it would be nice if you can include an article for the deaf to read about your deaf services so that we all know about it.


  1. Yes, I agree... there should be information campaign for the deaf! At least once or twice a month.


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