Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bossy Guinea Pig, wait is that a video of me?

Petunia was always my favorite guinea pig, though I had to give her away. She acted like she owned the world. If someone was at the door, she would oink so loud, I had to tell to be quiet. She would start running back and forth and give me a startled look as if the house was on fire. It was easy to know when someone was knocking, Petunia put on a great act whenever she heard noises. She would run so fast and everything in the cage would go flying all over the floor. I didn't like that, because it just made a bigger mess and more for me to clean up, we should of gotten one of those glass cages. She loved to go outdoors, she would chew on the grass, and she liked it. She also loved carrots and salad, so I would give her those leftovers. Most of all, she loved to be held for hours, this is what made her so special. Then one day we decided to get a another guinea pig, name Twinky. We didn't know she was pregnant. Well, at first Petunia and Twinky got along very well. Petunia was always the boss and Twinky did whatever she was told. If I would pick up Twinky to hold her, Petunia got jealous, so I would end up holding both guinea pigs at the same time. As Petunia wanted to be held as much as possible, but Twinky didn't care. Twinky was kind of wild, and liked to be in the cage and not held as much. Then the day came when Twinky had little black babies, and oh boy, was Petunia extremely jealous. She decided she was in charge of all the guinea pigs. And she acted like she owned them. If we were to go and pick up Twinky or the babies, she would oink like crazy, saying no, pick me up, not them! And if they got picked up instead of her, she would give us a very annoying look, like, thanks a lot. She always acted as if she was the best of them all(well she was). Twinky wasn't that much fun, she would try to bite me if I so much as tried to pet her. Petunia would decide who gets to eat first and such. She was one special guinea pig, I won't forget. When I moved they didn't allow pets, so I had to give her away, and that was hard. I have good memories of her. :)


  1. That's sad :( Nice that you have loving memories of your pet though.

  2. Thanks. Yes, it took me a awhile to get over Petunia, she was so different from the others.


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