Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sometimes it's a daily struggle in life, to get others to understand how deaf I really am. It's especially hard being in a room with a group of people as in a classroom, when you're the only deaf person there. I am the one that has to make an effort to let others around me realize they need to face me when they speak. Most people think I am hearing because I speak normally, so they really can't tell I have a hearing loss. People have constantly told me that I can hear very well, well this isn't true, it's the opposite and I have have the facts. When they face me when they speak, I lipread them very well, therefore it appears I am picking up all the words. I am good at faking it and making people all around think I can hear, but I really can't. They think I am hearing the words, but no, I lipread the words. I could pass for a hearing person and you wouldn't know the difference. But I really don't want to do that and make things more difficult for me. It's best to tell the truth to others, when they don't know the facts. Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. It is amazing to learn that you could lip read very well that people around you do not know that you're actually deaf. It is also amazing to know how brain could quickly work out the sound from the shape of the lips.

    1. People are usually fooled by me, because they seem to think I can hear since I usually understand what they say. Thanks for the wonderful compliments!

  2. People don't know we are deaf, because from the outside, would they know?
    Lipreading is horrible. I refuse to do it 95% of the time...I will with my family, outsiders no way...I use only pen and paper.

  3. That's true, they won't know unless someone tells them. That's interesting you prefer to write. Lipreading does get tiring after some time, because it's hard to stay focused constantly.


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